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Muscles are crazy.

According to the sports medicine doctor, my main problem in running is overpronation. (Well, and overtraining which made my overpronation problems particularly bad).

So here’s the deal: When most people walk and run, they strike the ground with their heel and the roll their foot forward. Rolling from heel-to-toe often starts slightly on the outside of the heel, but ideally ends towards the middle of the front-foot (from my understanding). As an overpronator, I’m rolling from the heel to the toe, but rolling my foot too far inwards, causing it too collapse a great deal, and causing stress on my muscles.

Overpronation in pictures
– Source –

So how does what I’m doing in my feet cause stress in my shin muscle? Well, here’s the crazy part. The muscle that’s involved in my problem runs from below the knee, down into the foot. So when my foot is collapsing, it’s pulling on the muscle. And that’s why I’m having pain. (The muscle involved is called the “tibialis posterior.” So now you know).

Here it is. The posterior tibialis.
– source –

Yep, those are the interesting facts about my shin problems. This is also why some people go for minimalist running; by not wearing shoes, they stop heel-striking altogether, therefore preventing injuries such as the one that I’m currently recovering from.

So…at my doctor’s suggestion, I get to wear orthotics. I just think that word is so funny, because it makes me think that I’m a very dorky girl. Like Forrest Gump. I’m sure the Forrest Gump had to wear orthotics.

I’m still really hoping for a quick recovery, but I’m beginning to realize that EVERYTHING seems to exacerbate the problem. The doctor told me no elliptical, no hiking, and no doing anything that makes them hurt. Well, I figured since I’ve been doing the elliptical and hiking that by stopping the problem would be better in no time.

Wrong. Because even the seated exercise bike seems to irritate my shins. And swimming might cause a problem too. I’m not sure. That’s the other problem. I can’t necessarily figure out what activities cause problems since I’m always active. Yesterday my shins hurt badly when I woke up. The night before I had done biking and swimming. So which one is causing the problem? I have no idea. It’s very confusing. Perhaps I should just lie in bed for the next few weeks and never move in order to improve the problem.

This stinks.

But muscles are interesting!!!

Do you already know all about muscles? Do you think I look like Forrest Gump with my orthotics in?


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I just got home from the sports medicine doctor, and I’m still trying to process what he told me.

When you go to the sports medicine doctor in your work clothes, they give you special stretchy shorts to wear.

The good:

  • He doesn’t think I have a stress fracture. Due to my low amounts of pain, he said he’d be pretty surprised if it was a stress fracture, but if the pain doesn’t improve in 3-4 weeks, he’ll order an MRI
  • He seemed like a good doctor. He was nice, didn’t seem rushed, and really listened to me. He explained to me all about my muscle that was hurting and why.
  • He said I can bike! (Okay, that’s sarcasm).

The bad:

  • He said to keep resting…for a “few” weeks…and then he said a scarier thing “four” weeks. Um, Ragnar is in four weeks.
  • He said no elliptical until I go a “few” days with no pain. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really hate the elliptical, it’s super boring. But it’s better than nothing.
  • I forgot to use my list (which is really not a surprise), so other than resting and orthotics, he didn’t give me much advice. I think this is probably because resting is so super important, but I am kicking myself that I forgot to ask him ANY of my questions.
  • He said that when I do run again, I need to start “gradual.” What the heck does that mean? I hate gradual.

In conclusion: Diagnosis dumb girl. Really. According to him, I got this by being dumb (no, he didn’t say that, but really, it’s true). I injured myself by pretending I am a better runner than I am and ignoring my body. Dumb girl.

People. Don’t be like me.

This is how I feel about the news.

I have very mixed feelings about all of this. I’m not sure how to feel. I’m glad it’s (most likely) not a stress fracture. But I’m sad that his rules are really close to encroaching on Ragnar. I kind of thought he might say, “It’s not a stress fracture, so go ahead and run!”

He did not say that.

Tell me a story of something dumb you did, so that I’ll feel better about my dumb thing. Ready? Go!

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Race Prices

You know, I like running, but I haven’t run in a whole lot of races. Why? Because they’re expensive! When I do choose a race, cost is the first thing I consider. I also consider the course, convenience, etc, but the cost is the bottom line. For this reason, I’m not sure that I’ll ever run a “big” race. Big races tend to be expensive!

Take the marathon I’m running in October. It’s the same weekend as the Portland Marathon. I heard the Portland Marathon is supposed to be one of the best, so I considered running it. But when I looked into it, it just didn’t make sense to me to go with Portland. Both the Portland and the Leavenworth marathon are a bit of a drive from where we live, but nothing overwhelming. Both would require us to stay at a hotel. Both have unique courses that sound fun. Yet there is one glaring difference between the two: The price. I’m not sure what the difference in price is now, but when I was considering which marathon to run, PDX was $130 and Leavenworth was $81. I am not sure why there is such a price difference. Do you think they’d give me $50 worth of GU at the Portland Marathon? Or is there $50 worth of trail mix at the end? Or is the rose that they give to each participant dipped in gold?

This is me with the new purse and new heels that I could by with the $50 I didn’t spend on the Portland Marathon.

I don’t want to be too sarcastic. It’s not that I don’t understand why it would cost more money to put on the Portland Marathon…as a city, there’s going to be more money put into blocking streets, security, etc. But I wonder what the value is to the runners that choose to run the more expensive races. Is the Portland Marathon really $50 more fun? I’m not sure that it would be. I look forward to having just as much fun at my $81 race as I would have at a $130 race!

Do you consider price when choosing races? What is your price limit? Are more expensive races better?

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I am finally registered for the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon, and I am so excited! This really looks like a ridiculously fun course!

Here are my three favorite things about the course:

1. The race starts at an airport where runners run by parked airplanes!

running at the airport

2. Runners run across the Narrows Bridge, a 2800 foot suspension bridge that runs over Puget Sound. (This is the part of the race that I’m most excited for! It should be really pretty).

running across the bridge

3. Runners get to run onto a baseball field where they will be seen on the huge Jumbotron above the stadium!

being broadcast on the jumbotron while running through the stadium

Do you have any super fun race courses coming up? What do you think makes a “fun” race course?

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Alright, the Nuun Ragnar Northwest Passage team has made it official: We are the NUUN Kids on the Block (NUUNKOTB).

Why is that important?

Well, because now we have to plan wardrobe! We’re pretty much going as a team of New Kids on the Block fans…except instead of being fans of Danny, Donny, Jonathon, Jordan, and Joey, we’re fans of hydration! (Except, just to clarify, I AM still a fan of Jordan Knight. Yes. My 2nd grade crush will never die).

So, we’re going for an 80s/90s look.

Looking at what I’ve already got, I do have 2 items that will work for this:

My day-glow yellow/green sports bra. ($10 on clearance at Target)

Ada the Dog was NOT pleased to be my model.

My hot pink shades. ($1 at Target. I got these for my bridesmaids and I at our wedding).

So. I’ve got a base. And now I need to build things up from here.

I’d like to have a NUUNKOTB t-shirt with a wide neck so that my bright yellow/green bra can peek out. Of course, I’ll also knot it to the side at the waist.

Now, what I would really like is an acid wash jean jacket and an acid wash jean skirt. However, these items don’t sound very practical for running. So instead I want some spandex/lycra fabric that looks like acid wash jeans, which I will fashion into a running skirt.

Does anyone have some acid wash jeans-look spandex/lycra fabric out there? It should be relatively easy to find, right?

Any fabulous costume ideas for us? Van decoration ideas? Who was your favorite NKOTB member?

P.S. Use the code “bloggerslovenuun” for 15% off at the Nuun website! A discount on fabulous electrolytes! Yay!

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Two weeks

2 weeks. They say you should take 2 weeks off from running when you have shin splints. I took a week and a half off from running. But during my time off I did Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 which is how I hurt myself badly enough to think I had a stress fracture…so I really only took 1 week off.

Given the fact that the stupid things (my shins) still hurt even though I’ve been taking it so, so easy, I’m giving in to them. Two weeks you say? Fine, I’ll give you your stupid two weeks, but in exchange, please, please, please give me my shins back! The nice ones that didn’t hurt. Thank you!

This is how I feel about not running for 2 weeks.

So, that stinks. But I’m trying to be an adult and make good decisions. And on the bright side, because I’ve been trying to be good to myself, I’ve already taken a half a week off. So 1.5 more to go!

I’m okay as far as marathon training goes, I still have time to train, but I’m scared of what this means for Ragnar…I guess I shouldn’t have been joking with my teammates about running the hardest legs. What I meant was that I volunteer for the very easiest legs. Thank you!

This is how I’ll feel after my shins get better. Hurray!

What’s the longest break you’ve taken from running, and why? If it was for shins, then please tell me the break helped!

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You is kind, you is important, you is smart…

Anyone know what that’s from? I’ll tell you! It’s from The Help! In the book/movie, there was a little girl whose mom mostly criticized her all the time, so her nanny/maid used to tell her “You is kind, you is important, you is smart.” To try to offset what the girl’s mom said.

One team had this on the back of their team shirts. They also had headbands with special encouraging names for each girl.

Do you know what that nanny/maid was worried about? A self-fulfilling prophecy. Kids reflect back what’s reflected on them. If they’re constantly told that they’re bad or stupid, they will act bad or stupid. It’s as simple as that. So that’s why we need adults in the world who will reflect good things on kids.

And that’s why Girls on the Run is such a cool organization. Because it’s all about reflecting good things onto girls and encouraging them to move and live healthy lifestyles.

So when Girls on the Run needed volunteers for their end-of-the-year 5k, I was happy to help out. The thing that they seemed to need most? Photographers.

Now, I have been known to take some good photos in my day…but I’m out of practice when it comes to photography. Because I thought it would be a good challenge for a good cause, I decided to do it. My hope is that I got a few photos that the organization, its sponsors, and the girls who ran will appreciate!

The girls each had “buddies” to run with them while they finished the race.

One thing I can say though is that I was exhausted by the end of my time there! It wasn’t that the work was that hard, but I was surrounded by excitement and noise and my job was to stay quiet and take photos. Because I’m an extrovert it was honestly exhausting for me to focus on my silent-job rather than chat it up with everyone around me! I did get to talk with some of the girls a little at the end when I was taking their photos. They were so cute.

I loved taking their photos post-race when they were flushed and happy and full of endorphins!

Do you remember people who reflected “good” onto you when you were young? Tell me about them!

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