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It’s the best day of the week: Try Something New Thursday!

Last Thursday was the big day! I went to a Master’s Swim Class for the first time.

Ready for Master’s Swim!

Husband Saign came along too.

As we were driving to the gym, something unexpected happened: I got super nervous. I can’t explain what I was scared was going to happen, but I just felt scared that I would be embarrassed or something.

Husband Saign thought this was hilarious.

When we got to the pool, I saw the instructor there. I knew it was him because I had seen him instructing before. I also knew that he is super, super nice. But I was scared to approach him, and made Husband Saign come with me.

Our instructor told us to swim a few laps to warm up.

I realized that I was panicking when I got tired halfway through my 2nd lap. I typically swim quite a few laps before getting tired, so I was clearly flailing and acting somewhat awkward, or swimming pointlessly fast.

After the warm up, we were given kickboards and told to do laps. The drill had a fancy name for it, but basically we were told to do 4 lengths comfortable, and sprint the 5th length. Repeat. Over and over.

Of course, I’m far too distractible to actually count laps, so I just sort of sprinted every time I thought it might be the 5th length.

As I was kicking back and forth, wondering how I would learn to be a better swimmer if we spent the whole time with kickboards, I noticed something: Some lady who wasn’t from our class was asking our instructor for swimming tips. That lady was getting the class I wanted, and meanwhile I was just kicking my little legs!

I thought about putting away the kickboard and telling the instructor that I wanted to practice freestyle, but I thought that would be rude.

After about 45 minutes, we stopped and took turns being timed while swimming a lap. I’m relatively certain that I was the slowest in the class. (The class was only 4 people, and I know for sure that I was slower than 2 of the other 3 people). I didn’t really care about being slow, I was just happy that I got to swim a lap so that I could ask my instructor for some advice.

So I did. And…um…apparently my swimming is pretty disastrous. I guess that isn’t much of a surprise, but I’ve improved so much within the past few months, that I don’t feel disastrous when I swim.

Apparently I swim like a surfer. As in, I swim with my body really still, which is certainly not optimal. Plus I often have my arms straight as they enter the water. Again, not optimal.

Now that I understood this, I was ready to practice implementing the advice I’d been given…but class was over.

All in all, I’d say I was a little disappointed, since I was really hoping for some advice to improve my strokes, rather than endurance drills. However, the instructor is super nice, so I know that if I keep going back, I’ll be able to get more advice if I just ask for it. Also, apparently Tuesday nights there’s more instruction involved at Master’s Swim, while Thursday nights is more about endurance.

So guys, don’t get scared like me! If you have a chance to try out Master’s Swim, do it! I know it will bring improvement!

Have you ever tried a swim class? Ever been told you swim like a surfer?


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Okay, so, remember how I can’t swim?

Well, on Tuesday while at the gym, flailing about in the pool, I noticed that in the lane next to us appeared to be an adult couple taking a swimming lesson. I was kind of jealous, because 1) I want to be a better swimmer, and 2) their instructor was super nice and patient with them. Husband Saign noticed the lesson as well, and I talked to him about how someday I’d like to take a lesson too, and I wondered how much they cost and how I could request their nice instructor. (I was planning to ask for, “The guy with the anchor tattoo and the pink earring,” though I was a bit afraid I’d sound like a super-creeper).

Then, last night Husband Saign and I were talking about the best time to go to the pool to swim laps. We looked at the pool schedule and saw when the kids swimming lessons took place, so that we could avoid the pool at that time. I thought it would be good to go about 45 minutes after the lessons ended to give families time to clear out of the pool. But as I looked at the schedule, I noticed something else. “Oh no! There’s Masters Swim at 7:00! I wonder what that is? How many lanes does it take up?” And then I realized, “Hey, wait! This says that Masters Swim happened on Tuesday while we were swimming too. I don’t remember them taking up space.”

What does Masters Swim mean?

Then the lightbulb! “Oh! I think that couple in the lane next to us must have been doing Masters Swim! It’s adult swimming lessons!” I got a little excited about this, because it meant that I could probably get a swimming lesson with the nice instructor without being a super-creeper and requesting him.

I asked Husband Saign to call the gym to ask how much Master Swim costs. He called for me, since he’s nice.

And guess what????

It’s free!

I can have free adult swimming lessons with the nice instructor without being a super-creeper! This is amazing!

I’m so excited!!! I’ll be a Master Swimmer/rhythmic breather in no time!!!

Would you be embarrassed to take an adult swim class?

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