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On Saturday the plan was that I was going to spectate for the first time ever at a race! The race of choice: Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle.

But things unexpectedly changed. What was supposed to be a “viewing party,” at the Nuun headquarters (with some tables of Nuun set up for runners who may want it) became a super crazy hydration effort of excellence and chaos…to say the least.

We had a few tables set up with cups of Nuun at mile 2 along the route, figuring that maybe some people would want to stop…no biggy. Um. Except TONS of people stopped. They even waited in line because, well, we weren’t quite prepared for all that, so we were filling cups and handing them off immediately and feeling bad that we couldn’t fill them faster. We were trying to be speedy and we got covered in Nuun. Every time we thought it might be near the end of the crowd, we’d look up…and see huge masses of people still on the way. It was chaos! But fun chaos.

This is what it was like at the very END. I didn’t get a good picture of the chaos because, well, I was too busy crazily filling cups of Nuun.

I had hoped to see some of my NUUNKOTB teammates, but since I was filling cups and trying to keep up with the crazy demand for Nuun, I only saw Lauren. She looked great! Way to go on your 9th half-marathon, Lauren! I also looked up from my cup-filling long enough to see Nicole, and she was her energetic happy self! Way to go on a sub-4 marathon, Nicole!

Four of my NUUNKOTB teammates ran yesterday who I didn’t see at the race: Alanna, Holly, Stacie, and Dawn. BUT I did get to meet Alanna, Stacie, and Dawn at dinner on Friday night, which was exciting! (And they were nice to me too!). Tasha was also in Seattle cheering the ladies on, but I didn’t get to see her either. Hopefully she was able to see more of the ladies running than I was!

As the last few runners passed the Nuun headquarters, I realized: We may be to the end of the runners, but we have a bit of cleaning up to do:

We had created a bit of a cup problem in the streets of Seattle.

Crazy, huh?

I asked Caitlin, a Nuun employee, if there was a broom to sweep the cups with, when two huge Penske trucks pulled up. And guess what jumped out? Tons of guys with rakes! They cleaned up all the cups in a matter of minutes, while we stared at them in shock. It was a marathon miracle!

The amazing helper guys who magically appeared from a Penske truck!

Since we were at mile 2, the race was still going on, so I decided to go do some spectating.

I felt bad that the runners couldn’t see the beauty behind them. One elderly couple chose to run backwards for awhile so that they could see the skyline! It was so cute!

Most of the people I knew running the half were finished by this time, but I was hopeful that I would see Nicole from Ricole Runs, since she was running the full marathon. Unfortunately, before I saw her, my husband called; he was downtown and ready to pick me up. I was walking to find him when I saw Nicole. Guys, she was moving well and looked strong, except her face. (Remember how at mile 2 she was happy and energetic? Not anymore). Her face made it clear that she was miserable. It honestly kind of terrified me seeing her agony, and I questioned my ability to finish a marathon in a few months. I shouted for her, but she didn’t hear me. She was running with someone who was coaching her through. The coach was reassuring her of something; I’m sure telling her how close she was and that she would make it. What a nice coach!

I didn’t have my camera ready when I saw Nicole, so I only managed to snap this picture of Nicole and her coach:

What a good friend I was to snap this picture for them!
(I actually had really hoped to have been able to get a photo of her with the skyline from above, but the timing was off…)

I later learned that the coach was Robyn of Run Birdie Run. What a great friend! I’m sad that I didn’t get to meet her!

Were you racing or spectating this weekend? How’d it go? Is finishing 26.2 miles pure agony???


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You is kind, you is important, you is smart…

Anyone know what that’s from? I’ll tell you! It’s from The Help! In the book/movie, there was a little girl whose mom mostly criticized her all the time, so her nanny/maid used to tell her “You is kind, you is important, you is smart.” To try to offset what the girl’s mom said.

One team had this on the back of their team shirts. They also had headbands with special encouraging names for each girl.

Do you know what that nanny/maid was worried about? A self-fulfilling prophecy. Kids reflect back what’s reflected on them. If they’re constantly told that they’re bad or stupid, they will act bad or stupid. It’s as simple as that. So that’s why we need adults in the world who will reflect good things on kids.

And that’s why Girls on the Run is such a cool organization. Because it’s all about reflecting good things onto girls and encouraging them to move and live healthy lifestyles.

So when Girls on the Run needed volunteers for their end-of-the-year 5k, I was happy to help out. The thing that they seemed to need most? Photographers.

Now, I have been known to take some good photos in my day…but I’m out of practice when it comes to photography. Because I thought it would be a good challenge for a good cause, I decided to do it. My hope is that I got a few photos that the organization, its sponsors, and the girls who ran will appreciate!

The girls each had “buddies” to run with them while they finished the race.

One thing I can say though is that I was exhausted by the end of my time there! It wasn’t that the work was that hard, but I was surrounded by excitement and noise and my job was to stay quiet and take photos. Because I’m an extrovert it was honestly exhausting for me to focus on my silent-job rather than chat it up with everyone around me! I did get to talk with some of the girls a little at the end when I was taking their photos. They were so cute.

I loved taking their photos post-race when they were flushed and happy and full of endorphins!

Do you remember people who reflected “good” onto you when you were young? Tell me about them!

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