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Husband Saign and I are doing a mud run in June!

There’s a theme for this mud run…superheroes. Of course, I want to join in the fun with a costume! I began to think about female superheroes. Let’s see, there’s Wonder Woman, and…um…uh…well, I have seen that there are female versions of Superman and Batman. And there’s…um, Power Puff Girls. And…um…. That’s it. I could not think of any more female superheroes.

Now let me name off some male superheroes: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Flash, Snake Eyes, Heman, Wolverine, Captain America, Ironman, Aquaman, Astroboy, and of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Really? Why are there so many male superheroes but so few female superheroes? Husband Saign says there are female superheroes, but when he started listing them, I didn’t recognize any of the names!

I got sad for a second, thinking about how there weren’t good role models for little girls…

…And then I realized that all of those superheroes I listed above work for the good by beating people up. And I thought about all the amazing real-life woman I grew up around who set a great example for me and were much better role-models than Spiderman will ever be.

So here’s to hoping that the lack of female super heroes is due to there being so many amazing female real-heroes!

Of course, I’ll still gladly dress up in a super hero costume, because it’s fun.

I like the idea of using something simple like this for a costume (with a head/wristbands of course). It's going to get all muddy, so I don't want to be too fancy! This tshirt and image can be found here.

Are there great female superheroes that I’m forgetting? Who should I dress up as? Who’s the best super hero around?


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