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16 oz Soda Limit

I became a grown-up last year. I know that’s when I became a grown-up, because it’s when I started listening to NPR, which is the true mark of an adult. (For non-Americans, NPR is National Public Radio…the station where they play news and talk a lot rather than playing music).

Yesterday NPR had an amusing story about how Mayor Bloomberg of NYC wants to put a limit on the size of soda cups in restaurants. Basically, he wants for the largest size to be 16 ounces. (Again, for non-Americans, that converts to…I have no idea, but it’s larger than a standard soda can). Bloomberg’s concern is for the obesity epidemic. He reasons that if portion sizes are limited, people will be less likely to indulge in copious amounts of soda.

What was ridiculous about the story were some of the responses of people they interviewed for the show. Yes, restaurant owners were validly concerned about how this would affect their profits. And some people argued that the government should allow the people to make their own portion-size choices. And then some super funny things were said:

a)    A soft-drink company argued that because soft-drinks account for only 7% of calories consumed in the U.S., they were not to blame for the obesity epidemic. Seven percent? Seven percent? Are you kidding me? Americans, I think you should know: Soda is not good for your body!

b)   Some guy from the Bronx argued that this was a really bad idea because of the way it hurts the economically disadvantaged. He argued that sugary drinks are less expensive than other drinks, so if they put limits on the size of sugary drinks, then what will poor people drink? Oh no! The poor economically disadvantaged people who will be forced to drink FREE tap water. What will they do?

One way to make water-consumption more delicious is to drink water out of a martini glass. Everything tastes better out of a martini glass!

Okay, this is supposed to be a running blog. I really don’t want to write too much about eating or dieting. But what we eat affects how we run, so I want to occasionally have conversations about food and diet. And here are my brilliant dieting tips for today:

a)    Soda should account for approximately 0% of your calories in a healthy diet.

b)   Water is brilliant, calorie-free way to hydrate.

So, there you have it, fabulous dieting tips from a fabulous runner-girl. I’m here to help.

Are you a grown-up? Do you listen to NPR? Are more than 7% of your daily calories in the form of sugary drinks?


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