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Since I can’t run right now, I’ve been spending my time getting ready for running events.

This weekend I finished my super hero costume for the JBLM Mud Run.

I’m not going to reveal the whole thing right now, but here’s a sneak peak:

That’s right! I decided to be Wonder Woman!

If you remember, I was a little distressed by the perceived lack of woman super heroes. But when I started learning more about super heroes, I realized why: Because no super hero could be cooler than Wonder Woman! The cartoonists of the world must have given up after she was born in the 1940s, and thus we live in a male-dominated super hero world.

Here are some fun facts about Wonder Woman:

– Her golden lasso makes anyone that she binds tell the truth. (I am an extremely honest person, so when I learned this, I was pretty excited!)

– Her wristbands, which she uses to stop bullets, are made of a precious metal called feminum

– She comes from Paradise Island, where there are only women. (I am confused as to how the procreate.)

There’s only one thing that I don’t like about Wonder Woman: She claims that she is super strong because she comes from an island of all women. She says that without men distracting them with fighting and conflict, the women are able to focus all their energy on becoming strong and smart. I think that “reverse sexism” is just as terrible as regular sexism, so I don’t like this part of Wonder Woman’s story.

But the rest is pretty great!

And here’s another fun fact: You can watch Wonder Woman on thewb.com! (I watched it while sewing my Wonder Woman costume).

Who’s your favorite super hero? Do you like Wonder Woman?


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Alright, the Nuun Ragnar Northwest Passage team has made it official: We are the NUUN Kids on the Block (NUUNKOTB).

Why is that important?

Well, because now we have to plan wardrobe! We’re pretty much going as a team of New Kids on the Block fans…except instead of being fans of Danny, Donny, Jonathon, Jordan, and Joey, we’re fans of hydration! (Except, just to clarify, I AM still a fan of Jordan Knight. Yes. My 2nd grade crush will never die).

So, we’re going for an 80s/90s look.

Looking at what I’ve already got, I do have 2 items that will work for this:

My day-glow yellow/green sports bra. ($10 on clearance at Target)

Ada the Dog was NOT pleased to be my model.

My hot pink shades. ($1 at Target. I got these for my bridesmaids and I at our wedding).

So. I’ve got a base. And now I need to build things up from here.

I’d like to have a NUUNKOTB t-shirt with a wide neck so that my bright yellow/green bra can peek out. Of course, I’ll also knot it to the side at the waist.

Now, what I would really like is an acid wash jean jacket and an acid wash jean skirt. However, these items don’t sound very practical for running. So instead I want some spandex/lycra fabric that looks like acid wash jeans, which I will fashion into a running skirt.

Does anyone have some acid wash jeans-look spandex/lycra fabric out there? It should be relatively easy to find, right?

Any fabulous costume ideas for us? Van decoration ideas? Who was your favorite NKOTB member?

P.S. Use the code “bloggerslovenuun” for 15% off at the Nuun website! A discount on fabulous electrolytes! Yay!

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